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il vero Buddha è dentro ogni essere senziente in attesa di essere scoperto. Il guru esterno non poteva che contribuire a provocare questo processo “-

Civilized Sciamani:. Buddismo tibetano in società / Geoffrey Samuel

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“Yes, yes. He will teach us as our Inner Guide.” – Ramakrishna

“You may get a teacher in the body, but the real teacher is not in the body. He is not the physical man; he is not as he appears to your eyes.” – Vivekananda

“The one authority whom Tantric practitioners had to accept was that of the guru who gave them initiation into Tantric practice. The Tantric guru or teacher was of central importance. Tantric practice could not be learned from the texts, but depended on the oral instructions of the guru, who was able to perceive the specific needs and problems of each student. In the later Tibetan sadhana, or Tantric liturgies, the guru (in Tibetan, lama) was, as we have seen, to become a central object of worship, and the Tantric deity is explicitly to be visualized as a form of one’s principal teacher (tsawe lama, ‘root lama’).
The concept of guru, however, as we saw in Chapters 12 and 13, was more complex than this might indicate, since the guru relationship, like everything else, had ultimately to be experienced in nondichotomous terms. The external guru was an aspect of the guru principle, of the Tantric Buddha Vajradhara. The potential that Vajradhara represented had to be created within the yogins themselves. In this sense, the real guru was Vajradhara within the practitioner, just as the real Buddha was within every sentient being waiting to be uncovered. The external guru could only help to provoke this process.” – Civilized Shamans : Buddhism in Tibetan Societies / Geoffrey Samuel

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