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Beyond all coming and going of phenomena: the ...

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Yoga Vasishtha :
“The Self is empty like space.”
“The Self is infinite consciousness.”
“The Self-realized experience higher planes of consciousness.”
Bassui Zenji :
“Perceiving one’s own Mind in a moment of single-mindedness is incomparably greater than hearing for ten thousand years why this is so.”
“The radiance of this Mind will light up every corner of a universe free of even a single blemish.”
Shiva Sutras :
“The stages of yoga are suffused throughout with miraculous amazement.”
— In ABHISAMAYA@yahoogroups.com, “maheshvaranandaji” <deborahdepinto@…> wrote:>> Bodhidharma :> “Your mind is Nirvana.”> > “Deluded people don’t know who they are. Something so hard to fathom > is realized by a Buddha and no one else. Only sages know this Mind, > this Mind called Dharma-nature, this Mind called Liberation. Neither > life nor death can restrict this Mind. Nothing can. It is also > called the Unstoppable Tathagata, the Incomprehensible, the Sacred > Self, the Immortal, the Great Sage. Its names vary but never its > essence. Buddhas vary too, but none leaves his own mind.”> > Zenkei Shibayama :> “The ‘Mind’ of the Mind-Ox is not the ordinary mind. It is the Mind > when we say ‘The True Mind, or the True Nature,’ which is the > ultimate, fundamental Truth of the universe. From ancient days > various names have been given to it, such as ‘The Buddha > Nature,’ ‘The Truth,’ ‘The Enlightened Being,’ ‘The True Man,’ ‘No-> Mind,’ ‘The Original Face,’ ‘The Sound of One Hand,’ ‘Reality,’ ‘The > True Existence,’ ‘The Absolute Being,’ ‘The Eternal Being,’ etc. It > is, however, so high and profound in its meaning that there could > never be a word that would sufficiently express what it really is. > The Japanese Zen Master, Eisai, therefore said : ‘It is eternally > unnameable but, perforce, I call it “The Mind”.’ What is represented > by ‘The Mind’ here is the religious Truth or the Buddha Mind that > would be our ultimate foundation or the abode where we finally find > ourselves at peace.”

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